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Anton Ski School 2020 became a partner of WINTER SPORT EXPO 2020

Anton Ski SchoolAnton Ski School, a school of downhill skiing and snowboarding, is a member of the Association of Professional Ski Instructors of Ukraine (APGIU).


Anton Ski School is a freeride school, where you will be taught to ride on any track and where there are no traces of anyone but ours.

The coaches of the school are convinced that the main thing - both in downhill skiing and snowboarding - is that they give a feeling of freedom.


In the career of any amateur skier there are three main stages of development:

The first is beginners who need help to enter the world of mountains, quickly master the correct basic techniques of skiing or snowboarding.

The second - middle-aged women who want to ride beautifully and confidently in different styles on different types of slopes.

Third - advanced skiers who dream of extreme, but do not know where to start.


Anton Ski School offers training programs that correspond to these three stages:

Initial: Get the base. Basic technique of parallel skiing, where beginners are IMMEDIATELY taught to ride

Intermediate: Get the skills. Basic skiing arts: carving, hills, virgin land, steepness, jumping ...

High level: Welcome 2 extreme. Freeride technique and practice.


The Borzhava ridge in Zakarpattia (Podobovets) was chosen as the base for the school - as an area with the most diverse types of slopes and freeride zones for the implementation of school programs.

Anton Ski School also organizes field schools in different mountains and in different countries - and is constantly expanding the geography of its trips.


As part of the exhibition, the head of the freeride school - Anton Yakovina will talk about the hits of recent seasons; what are the types of skis for freeride and how to choose them. You can also take the opportunity to ask more about Anton Ski School.


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 Anton Ski School

Anton Ski School