Yuri Budaev School of Downhill Skiing supported WINTER SPORT EXPO 2020

BudaevSkiSchoolMountain Ski School named after Yuri Budaev gladly supported the International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Winter Sports, Tourism and Active Recreation - WINTER SPORT EXPO and became a partner of the exhibition.

Specialists of the school teach skiers the technique of skiing on all types of snow and ice slope (hills, virgin lands, ice, etc.), so that skiing was comfortable, safe and fun for you. And for you to prove to yourself that skiing is great!!!


If you like active recreation, then the Carpathians will present a wide range of opportunities for you. Mountains give us many opportunities and pleasures.

School instructors invite you to combine recreation and skiing training: beginner, intermediate, pro levels.


Program 5-7 days: Pylypets, Slavsko, Dragobrat.

• Cozy rooms with scenic views

• Slope training

• Evening program: selection of equipment, history of downhill skiing, skiing technique

• Walks through the snowy forest to the waterfall


Detailed information:

+380 (66) 754-76-50

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