Федерація лижного спорту України

The Ski Federation of Ukraine has become an official partner of WINTER SPORT EXPO 2020!

ФЛСУThe Federation of Ski Sports of Ukraine (Public Organization "Federation of Ski Sports of Ukraine"), or FLSU, historically emerged back in 1952 and with the independence of Ukraine became an independent national structure. Since 1992 FLSU is a member of the International Ski Federation FIS (Federation International de Ski) and represents FIS in Ukraine and Ukraine in FIS. Today FLSU has the status of a "national" federation.


During the years of independence and activity of FLSU Ukraine entered the international sports arena both as a result of Ukrainians at the main official sports competitions, and by the organization of international competitions.

After all, to the historical gold of freestyler Oleksandr Abramenko at the 2018 Winter Olympics (silver of the 2019 World Championships, Crystal Globe 2016), the Ukrainian flag was raised on the international sports arena in honor of such athletes as:

• skiers Valentina Shevchenko (bronze, world championship in 2009, winner of the Crystal Globe in 2004, champion of the World Winter Universiade in 2003) and Irina Taranenko-Terelya (bronze, world championship in 1999),

Олександр Абраменко

Alexander Abramenko


Валентина Шевченко

Valentina Shevchenko


• freestyle wrestlers Olga Volkova (bronze, 2019 World Cup), Stanislav Kravchuk (multiple winner and winner of the World Cup stages), Enver Ablayev and Nadiya Mokhnatskaya (winners of the World Cup stages), Nadiya Didenko (2006 junior world champion), Orest Kovalenko (bronze of the III Youth Winter Olympic Games 2020),

Olga Volkova


Орест Коваленко

Orest Kovalenko


• snowboarders Annamar Dancha (silver, 2019 World Championship, 2010 Junior World Champion, 2017 World Winter Universiade Champion) and Mykhailo Haruk (2018 Junior World Champion), Oleksandr Belinsky (silver, 2013 Junior World Championships, winner of the World Winter Universiade 2017), Darina Kirichenko (bronze of the II Youth Winter Olympic Games 2016).

Аннамар Данча

Annamar Dancha


Михайло Харук

Mikhail Haruk


Дарина Кириченко

Darina Kirichenko


Over the past 15 years in our country held:

• 20 stages of the European Cup in cross-country skiing

• 12 stages of the European Snowboard Cup (parallel disciplines, big air)

• 8 stages of the European Cup in freestyle (acrobatics)

• 9 open national snowboarding championships of Ukraine (parallel disciplines)

• 11 open national championships of Ukraine in alpine skiing

• 4 international official competitions among young men in skiing and

• Final of the World Cup in freestyle (acrobatics).


The federation strives to constantly improve and today its team includes professionals of international qualification: FIS technical delegates in cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding.

Moving forward, next year the Federation plans to continue the tradition of holding international official sports competitions - the open national snowboarding championship of Ukraine, which traditionally involves athletes from the Czech Republic, Romania, Georgia, Hungary and Poland; international youth competitions in alpine skiing (FIS Children), as well as the European Cup in freestyle skiing acrobatics. As well as the first official championship of Ukraine in alpine skiing among veterans. So see you in the new season!


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