Ukrainian Masters Ski Team

Winter Sport Expo was supported by the Association of Professional Ski Instructors of Ukraine!


APGIU was established in 2002 - is an associate member of the International Association of Instructors ISIA.

Qualifications of APSIU instructors meet the standards of ISIA instructor training.


The main goal of the Association is to develop and improve the skills of members of the Association - instructors in skiing and snowboarding in Ukraine, to promote the involvement of amateurs in skiing and snowboarding and recreation, participation in creating a professional training system, as well as establishing international relations in this sphere.


APSIU conducts training courses for instructors, raising their level and qualification and issues certificates of ski and snowboard instructors. APGIU assists in employment of graduates.

APSIU instructors work in ski centers of Ukraine and abroad.


See you on November 5-7 at the following address: 40-B Peremohy Avenue, ACCO International Exhibition Center, Pushkin Park, near the Shulyavska or Polytechnic Institute metro stations!


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