Fahrenheit production company invites you to its stand as part of Winter Sport Expo 2020



The FAHRENHEIT trademark was registered in 2010.

For 10 years of work the products became known and recognizable in the markets of Ukraine and Europe.

This is mainly due to the main idea of ​​the company: to prove that products developed and manufactured in Ukraine can successfully compete with foreign counterparts. What is needed for this? The company answered this question.


Successful ratio of manufacturability and attractive appearance, use of high-quality materials from well-known world manufacturers, modern methods of production organization and flexible pricing policy.


Today, products with the FAHRENHEIT logo are known and successfully used not only by fishermen and hunters, in close contact with whom the company began its journey. Now FAHRENHEIT clothes become quite popular among tourists and fans of active rest. Cooperation with the Ukrainian military, for which the company has developed a number of specialized and largely unique models of clothing and underwear, also proved to be mutually beneficial.


Thanks to open communication with the end consumer, the company's specialists are constantly working to improve existing clothing models. Many new products are the result of analyzing the opinions and wishes of customers.

The company is open to experimentation and is always ready to try its hand in new, completely unknown directions, over many years of work has come to a clear understanding that the competent organization of production and attentiveness to employees, really can work wonders.


Using modern materials, technologies and equipment at the same time with advanced methods of production organization, it was possible to achieve high results.

After visiting the company's stand, you will see for yourself and see that the FAHRENHEIT team lives by creating! Realizes what makes our country more beautiful and stronger. And these are not empty words!


The company is proud to create our future. And invites you to create the Future together!

See you on November 5-7 at the following address: 40-B Peremohy Avenue, ACCO International Exhibition Center, Pushkin Park, near the Shulyavska or Polytechnic Institute metro stations!


More detailed information:

+38 (044) 369-33-05

+38 (098) 005-49-74

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