A new vision in the simulation of carving turns from SKIMAG at the Winter Sport Expo!


Ukrainian manufacturer of alpine ski simulators.

The SKIMAG simulator is necessary for training and improving modern carving technology.


It is suitable for all levels of qualification of skiers starting from budding amateurs and children up to advanced extreme sportsmen and professional athletes having no gender or age limits.

Pick up for yourself. You will never be afraid to fall down from the conditional slope at the maximum edging angles. Your legs and hips will always work ideally in parallel.


Having visited the stand of the company specialists will provide professional consultations, explain advantages and distinctive features of this simulator from others, show the simulator in action, offer the best option!


Looking forward to seeing you on November 5-7 at the following address: 40-B Peremohy Avenue, ACCO International Exhibition Center, Pushkin Park, near the Shulyavska or Polytechnic Institute metro stations! Register for the exhibition: http://www.sportexpo.kiev.ua/eng/application-for-participation


More detailed information:

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