There are more of us – the Ukrainian Curling Federation has joined the partners of the International exhibition Winter Sport Expo!

Всеукраїнська федерація кьорлінгу

The Ukrainian Curling Federation is the Ukrainian organization responsible for promoting and facilitating the development of curling in Ukraine.

Curling is a winter Olympic sport that is rapidly developing in the world, and has recently been available in Ukraine. Curling is one of the oldest team sports, played back in medieval Scotland.


This sport embodies an ice strategy. It is also called ice chess and winter golf. However, curling has a unique feature – it is the only sport where the trajectory of the projectile can be influenced after the throw is made.

The Federation promotes the implementation of State policy for the development of curling and support in Ukraine of the interests of European and world curling.


Looking forward to seeing you on November 5-7 at the following address: 40-B Peremohy Avenue, ACCO International Exhibition Center, Pushkin Park, near the Shulyavska or Polytechnic Institute metro stations! Register for the exhibition:


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